29 June 2007


To whosoever reads this:

Ufology—the study of UFOs, or "unidentified flying objects"—is endlessly interesting and perhaps just as endlessly important to humans, as a race. If some UFOs are alien spacecraft, the implications for us are enormous; nothing would ever be the same again upon confirmation of this. It would mean that we are not alone in the universe, confirming the mediocrity principle—the principle stating that we are of no particular consequence or importance to the universe. This is to say nothing of the sheer enormity of what we might learn from interplanetary visitors. Then again, if there are no aliens involved with UFOs, we at least gain perspective into the rarity and importance of our world and the life it supports. And that, in turn, is to say nothing of the fact that UFOs have to be something... perhaps a manifestation of our deepest fears and hopes, as Carl Jung suggested (though he later retracted this theory).

My name is Max Maxwell. When I was a kid, I remember inheriting a few books on UFOs from my father; Frank Edwards's Stranger Than Science was a big one for me, as well as the ubiquitous Time-Life book The UFO Phenomenon (a part of the Mysteries of the Unknown series). I was never given them directly. My father died in a car accident when I was 2 years old. A little later in life, I went out to the trailer in our lawn where we kept a lot of things that we had no room for in the house. Those books were out there. I think that I have read that Edwards book about 5 times by now. The story, at the very end of the book, called "P.S.—A Guest From The Universe?", just blew me away. It was about the 1908 explosion at Tunguska, and how it may have been caused by the failure of a large alien spacecraft. From that story on, I was hooked on UFOs.

With this blog (originally envisioned and subsequently abandoned as a column in The Aquinian), I hope to get people interested in ufology and post some of the most interesting and compelling reports and theories from its fifty-year history for your enjoyment. I will occasionally post interviews conducted with leading ufologists and in the meantime, troll through the books to pick out interesting reports. By the way, 2007 marks the 6oth anniversary of the crash at Roswell. Good year to start this, then...

The truth is out there,

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