13 June 2008

Romanian Air Force has a run-in with a UFO

This has never happened before. An Air Force has admitted to the existence of UFOS. However, don't get all excited. They haven't admitted the existence of aliens, merely flying objects, which have not been identified. Still, the comment that a fighter jet, a Romanian one, as it were, has been struck by UFOs (as opposed to struck by a meteorite or, for all I know, swamp gas) is pretty amazing.

To clarify, on 30 October, 2007, a Romanian jet was hit by something with such force that it broke the military-grade glass dome of the fighter. It was captured on video. Two blurry objects appear onscreen for 67 milliseconds, indicating that thy were moving at unthinkable speeds. This information was just released to the press. Birds, meteors, and ice have been ruled out by scientists.

I do not want to jump to conclusions, but this could be big.

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